Amiad Filtomat M100-1500 (M104C) Screen Filter Available For Immediate Despatch


We have 1 off M100-1500 Amiad Filtomat (M104C) Hydraulic Controlled Screen Filter Complete With 150 Micron Screen Available For Immediate Despatch.


Amiad Filtomat M100-1500 The most efficient hydraulic filters that require no external power source

Amiad Filtomat M100-1500 General
The Amiad Filtomat M100-1500 automatic screen filter is ideal for remote installation sites, with a water-driven self-cleaning mechanism that doesn’t require an external power source to operate.
With its various screen areas the M100-1500 model supports flow-rates of up to 80 m³/h.

Amiad Filtomat M100-1500 The Filtering Process
The filtration process begins when raw water flows through the filter inlet into the coarse screen.
Here, the water is pre-filtered in order to protect the cleaning mechanism from large debris. The water then passes through the inner surface of the fine screen; dirt particles are trapped and accumulate inside the filter while clean water flows through the filter outlet. The gradual dirt build up on the inner screen surface causes a filter cake to develop, with a corresponding increase in the pressure differential across the screen.

Amiad Filtomat M100-1500 The Self-Cleaning Process
When the pressure differential across the screen reaches a pre-set level of 0.5 bar, the M100 filter’s rinse controller starts the cleaning process by opening the internal flush valve. This results in the release of a back-flush stream, flowing through the nozzles out of the hollow Suction Scanner Shaft and the Turbine to the Drainage pipe.

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