Welcome to Micron Filtration Limited.

Built with over 25 year’s experience of filtration technologies, gained by our managing director Steven Wildman.

Micron Filtration Limited are able to provide premier filtration expertise in the field of industrial and commercial water filtration.

Our broad product range of filters, including manual and automatic self-cleaning filters, gravity filters and filter paper for coolants, separators, screen filters, high efficiency media filters, bag filters, cartridge filters and housings enables us to offer equipment solutions that are not only the best technically, but also commercially and for the local environment.

Steve has been involved in providing water filtration solutions for all industrial and commercial applications since 1991 including cooling, process and irrigation water systems for industry and commerce.

With our range of self-cleaning filter systems we now offer many of our client’s backwash recovery systems. These are often low-cost solutions that minimize water losses and reduce environmental impact and cost. We are constantly striving to improve wastewater treatment and filtration.

At Micron Filtration, we guarantee to give you our best service every time. Micron Filtration is dedicated to providing a large selection of high quality products, and, we are committed to delivering only the highest level of service with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our public and product liability cover is no less than £5,000,000.

Micron Filtration is a member of the Local St Helens Chamber of Commerce.