Filter Paper rolls for gravity filtration are extensively used for machine tool coolants and cutting/ lubricating fluids found throughout the metalworking industry. The filter media generally used is a non-toxic viscose based medium. It is fitted to a Flat bed system which is then carried on an endless belt. When in operation the paper filters the contaminant, building up an efficient filter cake. This eventually causes the coolant to rise up and activate a float that indexes on a fresh piece of filter media. Typical filtration levels are between 15 and 55 micron.

With ever increasing levels of cleanliness and enhanced machining techniques, there is a need for superior filter media. Vacuum and pressure filtration systems utilise Polyester, Polypropylene and Polyester Needlefelt media to help accomplish higher levels of filtration. Typical filtration levels are between 10 and 25 micron

Vacuum filters draw contaminated coolant through the fine fibre medium and return cleaned fluid under pressure. The media is automatically replaced and the system supplies an uninterrupted flow of clean coolant to the process.