The manual disc filter range of filter housings is  a ‘low cost’ option of cartridge management through using a stack of colour coded polypropylene discs which are held on a spine which can easily be removed from the filter housing and cleaned. Each disc has a graduated profile on it which gives a filtration grade of between 20 and 400 micron when stacked together.

When the disc stack is removed from the housing, they are loosened on their spine and can be washed clean easily. They can be re-installed immediately.

Product Features 

  • Depth of filtration for increased filtration efficiency ‎
  • Pressure differential disc compression ‎
  • Robust design ‎
  • Captures and retains significant amount of solids ‎
  • Completely corrosion resistant ‎
  • Diverse filtration grades: 20 to 400 micron (600 to 40 mesh)



Filtration for Irrigation Water, Process Water and Coolant Water.
Inline filter which removes suspended solids.