3″ Spin Klin Self Cleaning Filter

Product Features

  • Precise filtration
  • Automatic filtration for low flow rates
  • Corrosion free plastic components
  • Highly durable filter element
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Simple and reliable operation


2″ & 3″ Self Cleaning Automatic Disc Filter Battery PP (standard) or metal manifold

2″ Spin Klin Self Cleaning Filter

                                4″ Self Cleaning Automatic Disc Filter Battery PP (standard) or metal manifold

4″ Galaxy Spin Klin Self Cleaning Filter



Grey 20 Micron & Green 55 Micron Disc Sets

The discs on the Automatic Disc Filter are stacked on a spine assembly. The discs are color-coded by micron size, and are assembled according to your water filtration requirements. The spine assembly has a spring compression unit and an internal piston which operate during alternate filtering or backwashing modes.





The spine assembly is specially designed to compress the micron-grooved discs inside a corrosion and pressure resistant housing. Inside the housing, a spring and the pressure difference compress the discs tightly during the filtration process, forcing the water to flow between the grooves and traps of the stacked discs.

Spin Klin Spine to suit Self Cleaning Disc Filters


Spin Klin Spine Spare Parts






Automatic Backflush Operation

Activated by a pre-defined command (differential pressure or time) alternate units of the Automatic Disc Filter system go into backwash operation. The inlet valve is shut as the drain is automatically opened.


During the backwash process, the compression spring is released and the pressure difference is eliminated. The spine piston climbs up, releasing the pressure on the discs. Tangential jets of clean water are hydraulically pumped at high pressure in the opposite direction through nozzles at the center of the spine. The discs spin free and clear, loosening the trapped solids. Solids are quickly and efficiently flushed out through the drain.